[Cura] Ultimaker Cura 4.4.0 BETA Pre-Release

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[Cura] Ultimaker Cura 4.4.0 BETA Pre-Release


Beitrag von th33xitus » Mo 4. Nov 2019, 17:03

This is a pre-release for the Beta of 4.4.0. Due to a major SDK change (7.0.0), a pre-release is made available to allow plugin developers more time to update their plugins.

We have added the following:
  • The ContainerTree class provides easy access to which profiles are available for each configuration in Cura.
  • QualityManagementModel is expanded to contain functions for duplicating, deleting, etc. of custom profiles.
  • MaterialManagementModel is expanded to contain functions for duplicating, deleting, etc. of materials.
  • Setting version is incremented to 10.
  • Per-Extruder container stacks now contain an additional entry: The "intent" profile, meant to indicate how the user intends to use the print: For strength, accuracy, just visual, etc.
  • IntentCategoryModel provides a list of the available intent categories.
  • IntentModel provides a list of the available intent profiles per intent category.
  • A new decorator marks certain things as "API", to mark certain things as considered completely stable for plug-ins to use. These markers have not yet been added to all things that we consider stable to use, though.
  • Metadata can now be set per PluginObject, allowing multiple of the same type of PluginObjects to be defined in one plug-in. PluginObjects have a getName function to disambiguate them.
We have removed the following:
  • MaterialManager. Use ContainerTree or MaterialManagementModel instead.
  • QualityManager. Use ContainerTree or QualityManagementModel instead.
  • VariantManager. Use ContainerTree instead.

Quelle: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/relea ... re-release

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